Apple’s Tim Cook: AI, Machine Learning in ‚Virtually Every Product‘ Built

• Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, stated that AI and machine learning are integrated into virtually every product the company is building.
• A bounty was issued after funds were stolen from Curve. The attacker has started to return the money.
• The New York Attorney General is investigating Digital Currency Group in relation to its Genesis Global Capital arm, Hex lost $500 million in market cap following a SEC lawsuit, and asset managers are pivoting towards Ethereum futures ETFs.

Tim Cook’s Statement on AI

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are being incorporated into “virtually every product” the company is building. This statement signals Apple’s commitment to further incorporating these technologies into their products and services as they look to stay ahead of their competitors.

Curve Attacker Returns Stolen Funds

After funds were stolen from Curve, a bounty was issued for the attacker’s return of the money. It appears as though the attacker has begun returning some of the stolen funds after this bounty was issued.

New York Attorney General Probing Digital Currency Group

The New York Attorney General’s Office is reportedly investigating Digital Currency Group in relation to its Genesis Global Capital arm. This follows news that Digital Currency Group had received $150 million in investments from Microsoft’s venture capital arm earlier this year.

Hex Loses Market Cap Following SEC Lawsuit

Hex token recently lost $500 million in market cap following a lawsuit filed by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a result, Hex was removed from prominent decentralized exchanges such as MetaMask and Uniswap.

Asset Managers Move Towards Ethereum Futures ETFs

As demand for cryptocurrency grows amongst institutional investors, asset managers have been pivoting towards Ethereum futures ETFs as an alternative way to invest in digital assets without directly buying them on exchanges or mining them themselves.

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