Surprising launch at CryptoKitties overload Nifty, the Winklevoss exchange


CryptoKitties, the popular collectible crypto game, has just released „Catterina“, a new limited edition collectible with only 100 units (tokens), this character was drawn by the designer and illustrator Momo Wang for Nifty, an exchange owned by the Winklevoss.

Wang is known for creating Tuzki, an animated bunny that is shared millions of times each day through Facebook and WeChat.

The new CriptoKitties sold out in minutes

It has been two and a half years since CryptoKitties „broke“ the Ethereum (ETH) platform and the demand for non-expendable tokens (NFT) remains strong, causing Bitcoin Profit Review, Bitcoin Rush Review, Immediate Edge Review, Bitcoin Era Review, The News Spy Review to experience service interruptions due to the launch of the new tokens. At the time of announcing the limited edition, Nifty tweeted that 100 new users had registered on the platform.

When the „surprise launch“ occurred approximately three hours later, the exchange published that „a massive number of users generated a great deal of slowness on the platform“. Within three minutes of the launch, all 100 units of „Catterina“ had been sold out.

Nifty, owned by Winklevoss, becomes the first US dollar-based NFT exchange

The CryptoKitties lawsuit collapsed Nifty
Nifty’s service problems persisted, so the exchange announced

„Our systems experienced unexpected volume during this launch, and some payment issues have arisen. Anyone who had the charge on their card but did not receive a kitty will be automatically reimbursed. Anyone who tried to pay with ETH but was unsuccessful will also be refunded“.

Tyler Winklevoss tweeted about what happened: „Damn. That fall was intense.“

Soon after the sale, Nifty published that one of the NFTs in „Catterina“ had sold for $450 in a secondary market.