WSB Coin Surges 200% After Refund Option Emerges

• Binance listing of Floki and Pepe pushed their prices up by over 50%
• WSB rallied more than 200% after suspect offered a refund option
• Israel seized nearly 200 Binance accounts in relation to terrorism links over two years

Binance Listing

Binance recently listed Floki and Pepe, leading to an increase in price of more than 50%. This caused the value of WSB coin, the official memecoin for Wall Street Bets subreddit, to surge by over 200% in the last 24 hours.

Suspect Refund Option

The team member behind the rug pull offer a refund option for those who bought the token before the May 4 dump. The original deployer WSBMod was also accused of secretly draining funds using huge airdrops and selling many of the tokens.

Israel Seizure

Over two years ago, Israel seized nearly 200 Binance accounts that were linked to terrorism activities. Voyager has also announced plans to start returning customer funds in coming weeks.

Coinbase Q1 Results

Coinbase reported 22% revenue growth and net loss of $79M for quarter one (Q1). They noted lower volatility in Q2 as well.

Overall Impact

This news had various impacts across different sectors; from pushing up prices and rallying support to seizures and refunds. It is still unclear what will happen next but this news created quite a stir among crypto users around the world.

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